Seeking Arrangement, submitted by Di. Say you are rich and want to hire a girl to sleep with you but don't want to call it looking for a whore. And say you are a girl and you want to sleep with people in exchange for money but you don't want to be a whore.

Then this is the site for you! Because, through the magic of denial and calling something by a different name, you are now in the relationship of Sugar Daddy to Sugar Baby.

Be warned, however, that looks can be as decieving as pretending you are not paying for sex by calling it a "special relationship": Some of the pictures for the Sugar Daddies came up on Google Image Search the very first page when I was looking for a photo to use for my own fake profile. Seems I wasn't the only faker. I was planning to do a whole update on various emails with prospective Sugar Babies but that fell through when it turned out they required money to send any messages, so instead here it is as an ALOD and you'll just have to imagine what could have been.

– Joseph "Maxnmona" Fink

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