666 is Money, submitted by mmmcurry. This is a really cool website where people draw on money to create political artwork. I think it's a neat idea, but I think it might be against the law to draw pictures on money. I guess it might be hard to find out you did it unless you're caught with the money in your pocket.

New Testament ‘scholars’ erroneously translate the classical Greek word charagma as ‘mark” rather than money. Look the word up in the unabridged Greek lexicon by H.B. Liddell (reproduced below) and see the correct, in context translation is money.

Since Hebrew and Greek letters have numerical equivalents (i.e., A=1, 6=2, J=10), the number of the beast (666) is the sum of the separate letters of his name. Of countless explanations, the most probable is Neron Caesar (in Hebrew Letters), which, if spelled without the final n, also accounts for a variant reading, 616.

I guess it's about math and stuff on top of making dollar bill art. It's pretty complicated, but I'm sure someone who did a little better than me in algebra II can probably figure things out.

– Steve "Malak" Sumner

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