Sondra, submitted by Roy. 300-year old psychic using Photoshop to smudge out the wrinkles in her face has a website dedicated to her mass appearances on gaudy television talk shows, awful embedded mp3s which sound like 1980's pop music being performed by a broken Radio Shack keyboard, and clay bowls with rocks that she's trying to sell for over 300 dollars. You've got to go and listen to the mp3s (which are embedded in the page, so you'll download them whether you like it or not). My personal favorites are "All the Fallen Angels", which deals with murdering prisoners and sending them to hell, and "The Parting Of the Ways," which is about burying treasure or burying your lover or burying SOMETHING. I don't know which, the music has kind of driven me insane.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@lowtax)

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