Weapons are the passports for vi, submitted by Adam. Apparently animated gif backgrounds created by psychopathic left-wing feminist extremist nutjobs are the passports for violence too, because after visiting this site I want to crush and destroy many living things.

Once women are able to throw all violent entities out of governments, like military, police violence, punishing laws and all arms, we will have not only permanent peace on this planet, but also a very low level of violence and crime. Active women who will do that, can be sure of strong support by females and all nonviolent men. Together, they easily will become the majority on this planet and subsequently make the decisions. Violence can be squeezed out of this world with an concerted effort of all peace loving people. Communication through the Web will be the key to coordinate those efforts and make them successful.

Levels of violence:

The activity of competition can make me lose
The activity of brainwash can make me stupid
The activity of coercion and structural violence can make me feel bad
The activity of fists can hurt me
The activity of guns can kill me
The activity of tanks can wipe out my country
The activity of nuclear weapons can wipe out my species
The activity of altered gravity can wipe out my planet

The activity of loading this webpage will also kill your sperm count, all you violent men out there. Note the strategic use of blaring embedded music on every page and diagrams which make little to no sense, obviously so governmental agents will be confused and run off. It worked for me.

PS: There's a guestbook you can sign, assuming your brain still functions well enough to type coherently.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@lowtax)

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