nickispage, submitted by DooKie. This so-called "nickispage" provides a definite reason to keep your high school age kids away from the internet and off drugs. Nicki has created a surreal collage of animated GIFs of Jason Biggs dancing from "American Pie" and poorly captioned pictures of her friends jammed impossibly among columns of hard-to-read text. On second thought, maybe this site is more of an argument for mandatory government sterilization programs. I know I would give up my right to breed in exchange for the happy knowledge that Nicki won't be vomiting out any half-cocked mewlers into a Hot Topic dressing room.

Oh look, she has peeps, and shouts to be given out:

Ashlie: Like HOLY COW, sooomuch! It's JAMMAUL and aunt jimimah, MR T! back up sucka...KUDJO! That is one fat cat, and spunky, lol. Hey i figured out another name; Penelope!!! HAAAAAAHAHAH, i don't throw or talk to my spaghetti, that's all you deary!

Which one of the people pictured above does not belong? Sorry, it's a trick question see, they are all wearing shirts for the same band. You too shall join the Sliplimpkorntones collective.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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