The Drink Club, submitted by James. The Drink Club is just your typical loose assembly of idiots who like to drink a lot of alcohol. These guys appear to be some major morons while sober, but thanks to the wonderful art of filling your body with alcohol, they are able to become shit-brained stupid! Yes, with nothing more than alcohol, which conveniently lowers intelligence, these guys are able to transform themselves from mere mortal morons to more obnoxious mortal morons. If you love looking at pictures of pasty drunk guys as well as reading thought-provoking biographies on said pasty drunk guys, then you should probably just shoot yourself. But if you won't do that, at least indulge yourself with these morons. As an added bonus, you can even watch a video of one of them throwing up. A cinematic accomplishment of such magnitude is rare, so you'll want to make sure you witness it.

Oh, and this rotten stinkhole doesn't even have the slightest justification for existing.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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