Dog Caps (Thanks liquidator vrunt) - As if dogs didn't already look ridiculous enough, there always has to be some enterprising soul sticking bee costumes or giant sunglasses on them. Now you can be one of those jerks, too, by buying your pug an American flag visor or an "I'M THE BOSS" shirt for your retriever.

Here at Dog, we specialize in products for pet owners who choose to treat their pets as family members, rather than relegating them to the back yard and communicating with them only when they are barking or otherwise being a nuisance. The caps protect the pets’ eyes from the harmful rays of the sun and can be soaked to keep the animal cool on those long walks in the summer.

I know I define family members as those I can put hats on. Everyone else can seriously go die of harmful sun rays.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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