The Misadventures of Hello Cthulhu - (Thanks Matthew D. Wilson) Devon "FrogPlague" Tackett is the creator of Hello Cthulhu. One day Devon looked at the overcrowded web comic market and was inspired. The only question was how he going to cram himself in that horrible community of web comic authors who have long since abandoned the concept of punchlines and artistic ability.

Suddenly it hit him. He drew up a comic combining Hello Kitty and Internet nerd mainstay Cthulhu and Hello Cthulhu, a comic that follows the adventures of that Sanrio cat and Lovecraft character that I never understood the appeal of, was born!



Bravo! How does he do it? Let's find out from the man himself.

This all started as a random idea I once had. I know that several people have come up with the same idea before me and have done a bit with it on the web and what not. But I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who has done a comic. In any case, I hope you enjoy these.

Random idea, check. Done before, check. Hope you enjoy these, no.

– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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