Not content with Photoshop-manipulating her own pet into wearing human hairdos, Julie Jackson created Kitty Wigs, a line of flashy headpieces that will have annoyed felines sharpening their claws in readiness for revenge. The site's FAQ section contains the kind of bluntly honest queries ("Is this for real?", "Isn't this cruelty to animals?") that might make anyone other than a crazy cat lady reconsider her ridiculous concept. Kitty Wigs claims the Silver Fox model "makes your kitty feel sexy and smart, like a cougar on the prowl," which is partly true, in that it probably does unleash the animal's jungle-cat bloodlust. With even the creepy Stuff On My Cat crowd content to use readily available household items, these $50 wigs might have trouble reaching anyone but the most extreme anthropomorphists, such as elderly women who believe their pets are people, and anime weirdos who think their cats are envoys from mystical feline kingdoms. At least Julie Jackson and friends can have fun frolicking with the unsold inventory!

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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