Are you a creepy, stealthy, polyamorous liquid nitrogen ice cream enthusiast with a shitty webcomic and an interest in entry-level chakra healing? Then Penguicon is just the place for you! This bizarrely random convention, held in a hotel on Big Beaver Road in Troy, Michigan, because why the fuck not, Penguicon ostensibly focuses on "science fiction and open source software." Somehow, though, the organizers found room for a "full contact panel" on security patdowns, and a seminar on "apartment-friendly composting," and bands that bring "the pirate rock" or "the zaniness of piratical music" or "the nerdcore street cred." Really, most of the events on this program seem to have little in common, other than that they all fit into the broad category "lame shit in which I'm not the least fucking bit interested."

But there really are people out there who want to swing dance, learn Na'Vi and "play kids games with zombies," all in one weekend. And Penguicon was considerate enough to provide photographic proof of these eclectic individuals.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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