Petticoat Discipline Quarterly (thanks linnifer) - If I had to imagine the worst childhood ever, it would probably involve getting dressed in petticoats by a crazy mother and forced to watch Dr. Phil in some kind of A Clockwork Orange torture chair until I learn to love myself. The former is apparently fairly common, at least enough that there is something of a web community for petticoat obsessed adult men living out the aftereffects of a bad childhood.

 "Mrs. Pac-Man, I'm afraid there were chomplications during the birth."

This site, although a bit old, is the Daily Planet of petticoat discipline, which is a concept I hope I never have to think about ever again in my entire life. It has more words on the subject than any book I’ve ever read has on any subject. Coincidentally, it also involves more creepy artwork and pictures than any book I’ve ever read. Creepy images such as thus:

 "Life sure is chomplicated" - Pac-Man

It’s still better than Penny Arcade I guess.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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