Having never sewn anything myself, I was curious to learn about the "funniest situations" this hobby might entail. Judging by sample panels from "sewing's first cartoon book," these scenarios are the pillar stones of sewing humor.

  • A man steps on a needle, and the sewer laughs at his gyrations as he clutches his impaled foot.
  • People assemble mannequins incorrectly, making them resemble freakish I, Robot humanoids.
  • Sewing involves activities so repetitive and mundane that they become a comic mockery of "purpose."
  • The phrase "bust dart" exists and relates somehow to the aging process.

As a non-sewer, I didn't really get these jokes the way a full-fledged "Fabriholic" might. But I did laugh pretty hard at some outfits I found elsewhere on the site.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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