Reclusive mathematician Tristian Soob returns with his twelfth work of science fiction, Penitence of the Star Moons, an impenetrable multi-layered theory-bomb of a novel.

Star Moons opens with a remarkable 256-page chapter detailing the effects on a postcard of what Soob describes as an "anti-vacuum" before introducing the lead character Hilbert Spaces, an illiterate cyborg who the author only describes by calculating his mass in incredibly intrusive footnotes every four pages.

Hilbert's peaceful life working at a Reality Bank is shattered when he is challenged by his mirror-self to solve the 512 Cophasm Theorems, lest he blink out of existence in just six days. Hilbert endeavors to do this by undergoing a series of "Wetgrade Implants" that severely fuck any strand of sense that remained in the story. Soob once again ends one of his novels with 600 pages of non-sensical graphs and pie charts.

It should be noted that at no point in the story is any character particularly "penitent," nor does Soob at any point describe anything that could be called a "Star Moon."

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