Sticker? I hardly know her! HA! DOUBLE HA!

I endorse this sticker by "Nit Wit Dog Shit"

"Peckerwood" knows the secret to comedy: Pirates!

"PingtheMerciless" is "In your face." Well, actually, he's probably at home. Out of your face.

"PingtheMerciless" makes casual observations that we all can enjoy!

"PurdWerfect" begs for some sanitation.

"PurdWerfect" is a king among men.

More honks from me, thanks to "PurdWerfect"

God only knows how "PurdWerfect" made me laugh with this one.

"Sandamnit" shows support for our armed forces!

"Sandamnit" didn't mention the school's prestigious athletics division, whose "Running around aimlessly for cover" team is best in the country!

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