There have been some interesting combinations in recent years. Britney and Kevin. Jennifer and Ben. Tom and a magic space alien money cult. Now we have one more to add to the list, in the shape of food and animals. Or Foodimals to friends. The idea isn't too complicated, it's simply a case of combining animals and edible foodstuffs to create an amusing combo. The forum goons were in a creative mood to bring together some weird and wonderful creations. Let's enjoy the fruits of their labor. And in this case, the fruit is probably mixed with a bat or a donkey or something.

Aqueous Martinis wants to show you his Chocolate Ssssssssshake (that isn't a euphemism).

Wow! It's Defiant Cement and a Mariguana cookie!

DeliciousDarkness made this image of a Fizzy Chocolate Llamalt from 100% real organic llamas.

digger_smolkin says that this is a Quarter Flounder with cheese but I only see an alagory for the death of human kindness.

El Pollo Diablo sucks rotten eggs! And so does this Pancake-osaurus Rex.

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