As rumored in urban legend and oral folklore, there exists a special Something Awful forum populated entirely by moderators and administrators. These gatekeepers and guardians ennoble this space with eloquent orations about important Internet Issues. Except me, I use it to make posts that are too vulgar for public discourse! Anyway, T. Fine took a break from all the portentous discussions and unfathomable debauchery to share this light-hearted anecdote:

lmao I was dragging my av around the screen and accidentally dropped it into Excel somehow and didn't notice, then called a co-worker over to check something on the file and when I opened it there was me av all big staring at me and she was like uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Now, sometimes the general readership doesn't really care about forums happenings, so just think of this as an embarrassing work story, relatable to all! Plus, why was he dragging his avatar across the screen? What a mystery! As cool-mod het narrated, "where's eggy going to go now? how about the mathemagical land of excel? *drags to spreadsheet*" Then Gravy Jones posed the obvious follow-up question to the SA Goons: Where's Eggy going next?


Achmed Jones


R.S. Gumby


"Return what you have stolen from me!"


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