Kathy said later that she figured that there would be no harm in giving it to Red because she had no idea that he would eat it. She thought he would just play with it, get bored and drop it. So she handed it over.

Red took the bar and ran over to the coat rack. He quickly climbed to the top and began peeling the wrapper back. Kathy said that no sooner then had he sunk his rotten teeth into it that he began going insane.

He hopped down from the coat rack and threw the candy bar across the room. He began howling loudly and hopped back up on the table. Kathy had begun chopping fruit so she had a number of pieces of fruit and vegetables as well as 3 or 4 very sharp knives. Red was totally incensed now and he started grabbing the fruit and heaving it at Kathy. She backed away and Red stood his ground. He picked up a knife and threw it against the wall. This was when Kathy got scared.

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