Hey, hopefully you guys enjoyed today's update. It is definitely my most ambitious/ugliest update yet. "Create your own" is just another term for "Huge amount of time writing." However, all in all it was a fun experience and I learned a lot while making it. If you like it, I'll do more.

On the other hand, I am writing this daily dirt before the main article is published. So, if everything blows up in my face, I would also like to use this space to apologize for the glitchy update.

Thanks for clicking this Daily Dirt. As a gift, I give you a funny image I could not use in my update:

– Ian "Salmon Season" Golding (@iggolding)

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  • The Fracking Fables of Groggery Gibbonman

    The Fracking Fables of Groggery Gibbonman

    ‘Toad coin?’ wondered the traveler as he examined the pebble. It did not look all that different from any other pebble, and certainly nothing like a coin. ‘What manner of coin has no head or tail, and bears no seal or flag? Who backs this toad coin, the toad bank? The toad treasury!?’ The traveler laughed, but the toads croaked sternly back at him.

  • Your Dog is Totally Worth Refrigerated Food

    Your Dog is Totally Worth Refrigerated Food

    Spending $10-15 a day on perishable organic dog food is not a sign of a decadent culture in terminal decline, it's actually real good and worth it.

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