#9 It is over 1,000 pages long

Zack: Most of all, I'd like to thank myself. Only I could be this creepy. Way to go, me.

Steve: I feel like someone is going to write "Great Job" in the corner.

Zack: Steve, there is no way either of us is reading a 1,000 page book about fucking bugbears, and I mean literally fucking bugbears, and throwing swords into assholes.

Steve: When you put it like that...no...still too long.

Zack: Maybe if he trimmed out a couple hundred of the pages about STDs and brothel rules and got it down to 850 we would reconsider.

Steve: Byron Hall makes Raven c.s. McCracken's Synnibar look like a Cliff's Notes.

Zack: Nah, it'll still look like Synnibar, you'll just be glad Raven saved the creepy sex stuff for his lingerie TV show.

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