Zack: Oh, look, it's the nerd "culture" final form. All those HAM radio meet-ups and board game parties and dank basement dungeon crawls have finally manifested as a crude painting of Felicia Day imploring you, yes you, to join her steampunk fantasy flight.

Steve: I think I'll pass out of safety concerns and because I don't know Felicia Day.

Zack: Well, according to pretty much every nerd website out there, nerds LOVE her. That's how I know her.

Steve: Is she a sexy babe?

Zack: I guess?

Steve: You don't know?

Zack: This isn't about what she looks like. I'm sure she is nice and smart and all the rest, but she will be foisted on you if you go to nerd websites. It's like the buzz Patrick Stewart gets, only if he never actually did anything related to Star Trek, he just started showing up at every convention and on podcasts and in headlines on

Steve: Oh, I get it, like Chris Hardwick.


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