Zack: I put this on my shelf right next to my 1st place trophy for Not Getting Laid.

Steve: It beats anime figurines on your shelf.

Zack: Have you ever heard of Smile Train?

Steve: That's the cleft lip charity, right?

Zack: Yeah, it saves those kids from a life of misery.

Zack: We need a charity like Smile Train that goes into teenager's bedrooms and trashes the shit out of anime figurines, anime posters, just rips apart everything like that. Something that will send the message of, hey, you're turning into an adult, you need to stop it with this shit.

Steve: But not Dungeons & Dragons stuff, right?

Zack: No, of course not, nothing could be more grown up than transporting our minds to another time and place and doing battle with the forces of evil for the good of the kingdom.

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