Zack: Finally, my rawhide tophat can wear a corset too.

Steve: I think it's pretty cool. Imagine how it would look with some brass goggles sitting on the brim.

Zack: Cogingsly Clanksmith, at your service. Don't mind me, just here to tighten the valves on your steam equipment.

Steve: I wonder if they have steampunk versions of really mundane stuff like toasters.

Zack: Already exists. It's called a Panini press. Nothing is more steampunk than grill marks on ciabatta.

Steve: Steampunk hospital equipment?

Zack: When you get into stuff like that I think they dip into vintage hospital equipment and then glue on steam pipes and cogs.

Steve: How is that punk?

Zack: We've all been asking that question.

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