Zack: Egads! He ate the cursed froyo!

Steve: Dang man if wizards were like this in all games I would totally play a wizard. Exploding dude's heads and stuff is way color than casting stinking cloud and grease and making some dudes fly down a hill into fart valley.

Zack: All wizards must work their way through the Bigby's Itching Arm and Tasha's Mildly Unpleasant Hiccups to get to the Power Word: Skin Flip.

Steve: Cast intestines to snakes and turn their guts into cobras. Or like make an illusion of a hot babe, but when they get close to her to feel up her butt she's really a bunch of cobras and they get stung.

Zack: It's needs to be more violent. Give the cobras acid venom so their blood starts melting out of their veins.

Steve: And their veins are cobras too.

Zack: Ripping through their skin and biting them even more until they are melting into a pool of guts and cobras.

Steve: With an eyeball skull on top.

Zack: Now you've got the hang of this game.

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