Zack: "I knew it was a mistake to hire a Crusader Mohel."

Steve: Maybe he just broke open a crate searching for treasure and his treasure was a baby.

Zack: Sounds more like a trapped crate to me. Reflex save or raise a baby.

Steve: That's a trap I will fall into some day. I want to have a baby.

Zack: You need a woman for that.

Steve: Oh ha ha dude. Very funny and I will have you know that I am going out on a second date with Lupita from work so, like, get ready for Steve Jr.

Zack: I need a longsword and three fine ass nuns to grab at me.

Steve: I will not raise my baby in a crate.

Zack: Do you have any names picked out?

Steve: If it's a boy he'll be Elric and if it's a girl I will call her Aayla Secura.

Zack: Let's hope their childhood is canon.

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