Steve: Paraelementals are way cooler than regular elementals. It's like, about boundaries and between states.

Zack: I think it's about their need to come up with more versions of the same monsters, but they couldn't do a Diablo palette-shift.

Steve: What? Paraelementals are classic. Gygax dreamed them up. They come from the paraelemental planes. Where the elements mingle.

Zack: Where does the ice come from?

Steve: Where air meets water.

Zack: That would be soda or something. Ice would be where cold meets water.

Steve: A-ha, but cold isn't an element, it's negative energy. From the negative energy plane.

Zack: So what happens when water and negative energy plane combine?

Steve: They don't touch, water touches the negative material plane and makes salt.

Zack: They form the paraelemental plane of salt?

Steve: No, salt is quasielemental not paraelemental.

Zack: Burn forever.

Steve: That would be on the elemental plane of fire.

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