Zack: Probably not a great idea to show a bunch of elemental Batarangs and then say in the text, "The biggest myth about these stupid things is that they look like Batarangs."

Steve: You know, there really aren't opposite elements for earth and water. Fire isn't even really opposite to air or whatever. It needs it around. It should be fire, earth, and paper if they just want them to cancel out.

Zack: How does paper cancel anything out?

Steve: Paper covers earth.

Steve: Earth covers fire and fire burns paper.

Zack: So if you were fighting an earth elemental you should cover it with paper to destroy it?

Steve: You could do it with a spell. Like a whirlwind. Have you ever seen one of those grab the cash booths?

Zack: Yeah, I think I saw a stone man crumbling as a tornado of dollar bills shredded his body.

Steve: Exactly.

Zack: But that's paper AND air.

Steve: Not necessarily. You can have a tornado without air. Are you familiar with the solar winds?

Zack: How do you think this conversation reached Saturn so quickly?

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