Steve: These are related to those dudes the Lady of Pain sends around that have riddles appear over their head.

Zack: What an incredible power these creatures have. If only there were some way to take the words we say out loud and communicate them to each other without using our voices.

Steve: I just wish I could talk in riddles like the other guys. That would be awesome, you could have riddle parties and solve mysteries together.

Zack: These guys and the riddle guys are straying dangerously close to Willy Wonka territory.

Steve: He even looks like a really skinny and tall Oompa Loompa.

Zack: Phirblas Dirblas, doba-de-doo, I've got a tiresome rebus for you. Phirblas Dirblas, doba-de-dee, If you are wise you will cast slay living on me.

Steve: I-just-failed-my-save-for-it.

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