Zack: This setting is the worst. None of these items on the timeline have anything to do with any of the other items.

Steve: I think it means they found dwarves on a giant communist spaceship.

Zack: Oh remember those halcyon days of 371, when the Mage Warrior Deneb created those time control spells. Remembering back to then I can almost forget the Neria Bendix attack on the Worldship.

Steve: I wish I had a time control spell to go back to high five the crap out of Raven c.s. McCracken.

Zack: This is the world map as far as I can tell. Which is also called the "Worldship" to explain why there are cyborg androids giving massages to dragon ninjas.

Steve: Arr, the Mountain Isles life, it be a craggy existence.

Zack: It seems like in a universe where real people can be elevated to being gods you would not name geographical features "gods" anything to avoid confusion.

Steve: In cinnabarfs nothing is as it seems.

Zack: Maybe that says "GOOS TEETH."

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