Steve: Hnnnnnn! Aw man, I should not have gotten extra cheese on that pizza.

Zack: "Honnnnney, toilet whip is broke!"

Steve: Weren't we supposed to be going through the book for character stuff?

Zack: Oh, yeah, I got caught up in the wonders of Synnibarr's bodily function monsters.

Zack: Raven c.s. McCracken has helpfully included 192 skills in the game. The majority are nearly useless.

Steve: That's pretty accurate to real life. Most people I know have lame skills like chauffeuring or like baking. They don't focus on the real useful stuff like climbing and throwing stars.

Zack: Alright, well keep in mind most people in Synnibarr look more like the whip shitter than you or me. So you've got a water elemental learning, say...

Zack: Or maybe an Amazon has spent six months learning...

What's wrong with giving your village curb appeal?

Zack: Other skills on the massive list include basket weaving, cinematography, organic electronics engineering, glass blowing, jumping, massaging, metaphysics, Xeno Undertaking, and something called Anti-criminology.

Steve: All skills you need if you are designing a meat camera for your documentary about weaving glass basket coffins for the burial of alien spirits with bad lumbars...and getting away with it.

Zack: By jumping.

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