Gods of Monsters

In addition to all the "real" deities in the book, there were also quite a few originals straight from the brain trust at TSR. One group were the deities worshipped by the monsters of the D&D world. Some of them made sense. Some of them made for the stupidest gods in the book.

Steve: This dude looks pretty confident. "Yeah, that's right, I'm a Bugbear. So what?"

Zack: I bet he can roar a terrible roar and gnash his terrible teeth.

Steve: This is the sort of artwork in the old D&D books that just makes me a little mad. Like when I know me or Keith could have drawn it better.

Zack: I don't know, I sort of want to hang out with Hruggek. He looks like a good time.

Steve: He's Chaotic Evil, dude.

Zack: Yeah, but so was Frank Booth in Blue Velvet, and that dude knew how to have fun all the time. I can just picture Hruggek with a tank of nitrous, huffing it through a face mask while Loki sings Candy Colored Clown.

Steve: On the astral plane, I walk, with you. On the ethereal plane, I talk, to you. In Pandemonium, you're mine, allllll the time.

Zack: Here's to Steve!

Steve: I never saw that movie, but I love Roy Orbison.

Zack: So does Hruggek. He is down with Roy Orbison, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and the severed heads of his conquered opponents.

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