Egyptian Mythos

The Egyptian Mythos was a fairly average example of the way mythology was handled in Deities & Demigods.

Zack: Poor can't-be-surprised Bast always has to meow with fake shock when Ra pops up from behind the Canopic jars.

Steve: Sure, go ahead and ignore the 36 double d gorillas in the room.

Zack: Oh, are those tits? I thought they were the eyes.

Steve: Of course they are boobs. Half the goddesses in this book have their tits out. This was back in the day when TSR wasn't afraid to put tits on everything.

Zack: Before Tom Hanks came along and ruined it all by getting lost in a maze.

Steve: I must have pounded a good thirty out to the hooters in this book.

Zack: Oh no, Steve. No, don't say that.

Steve: What? Like you didn't.

Zack: I would never stoop to that level. I strangulated myself with a belt while watching G.I. Joe, thank you very much.

Steve: D6 per round after the first.

Zack: I'd say I'm at least four hit dice then. But we're getting off topic. Have you ever used Bast in an adventure?

Steve: Like I said, about 30 times.

Zack: At least she wasn't surprised by your behavior.
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