Zack: I doubt you're going to walk away from a conversation with a lynx feeling like you learned something.

Steve: It says "very" intelligent. That's smarter than the average human.

Zack: I don't buy it. If the lynx was so smart he would be half crazy from doing nothing all day. You wouldn't want to talk to him.

Steve: How do you know he does nothing all day? Maybe he keeps busy.

Zack: Doing what? He doesn't have any opposable thumbs.

Steve: So?

Zack: He couldn't have built a civilization. He's a brain smarter than the average human trapped in a huge cat's body. He's not going to be well mentally from just sitting on a cliff all day waiting for some bug-eyed goofs like this bunch to walk up and interrogate him.

Steve: Maybe he lives with someone. Watches their TV all day. Has them open jars for him. Maybe he has a girlfriend.

Zack: The lynx has a girlfriend?

Steve: Could be. He used his superior intelligence to seduce her.

Zack: How did he even get near her? He's a giant wild animal.

Steve: Maybe he pretended to be hurt and when she brought him a bandage he seduced her.

Zack: No, she wouldn't. A giant lynx is dangerous.

Steve: Women like dangerous men. The lynx could have treated her badly.

Zack: Are you still on that mailing list?

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