From: "Michael Meredith"
To: Tyler
Subject: Re: MOM! DAD! Parent Alert! Warning!

To answer your question. The best policy is to stay drug free and teach your children likewise. That is the intent of our program. I have included research information within the program to give parents a reasonalble amout of information and the resource locations where they can search to their hearts desire and find the real answers to all of their questions.


From: Tyler
To: "Michael Meredith"
Subject: Re: MOM! DAD! Parent Alert! Warning!


The worst has happened.

As I write these letters my hands still tremble from shock. I hardly know what to say.

You remember I told you about our two alligators, Pak and Chooie. Well, they escaped from their new owners the other day and found their way back to our place. I guess they missed their old home.

Our son found them before we could and I guess they must have attacked. He died in the hospital last night.

So, needless to say, we won't be needing one of your kits. Best of luck in your future endeavors.


– Tyler (@lowtax)

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