Is it just me or are people in Everquest becoming more and more gullible? It seems as if ever since people on Ebay began to auction their accounts off, any yahoo can buy a mid-level character for the cost of a few large pizzas. And, with this character, often comes a healthy dose of ignorance. So, without further ado, here is the "Everquest Rare Jewels Prank", illustrating that "a fool and their money are soon departed."

It all started when someone started asking about rare jewels...

I have never been to the Plane of Fear before, but this didn't stop me from responding.

I ooc'ed the information about how/where I got the jewel and I mentioned that the thing I soloed in PoF was red to me and said it was level 62, which is so ungodly high that any amount of level 50 players would not be able to kill it because they could not hit a creature 12 levels higher then themselves (let alone SOLO one).

But nevertheless I still got a response from someone...

Note: I also did a /who on my self so show that I am a level 22 Necromancer, not in anon mode, and anyone could find out this information.

If one person responding wasn't hard enough to believe, I got another response! I decided to only work with one so I picked the second, a person named "Amist"

Note: Someone ooc'ed saying that I was only level 22 and it would be impossible for me to go to PoF, but that didn't seem to deter the idiots from getting their "rare jewel".

This is where I decided I would let go and say stuff that I thought nobody would believe... well, stuff that nobody with half a brain would believe, because she still asked me if I was selling one.

She actually agreed to buy one of my "Rare PoF Winged Hill Giant Jewels".

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