Zack:El profesor Hippie: if a wig makes you laugh then welcome to the funniest movie ever!

Dr. Thorpe:See, this is what comedies are supposed to be. You read the title and it's all right there. Take it or leave it. He's a hippie professor. If you don't want to see a hippie professor ham it up in a wig, don't bother. With a real comedy you'll always get exactly what you pay for.

Zack:I wonder if the same company that released this has a whole line of really generic "yellow label" comedy movies. They release movies where the entire premise is encapsulated in the title.

Zack:"El Loco Dog Policia"

Dr. Thorpe:"El Mariachi Negro."

Zack:"Luchador Restaurante

Dr. Thorpe:"La Mujer con Tres Mammarios"

Dr. Thorpe:"El Barco de Sexo"

Zack:"Las Senorita Prisonero Eroticas"

Dr. Thorpe:"Dos Hombres y Una Señiorita Gingantica"

Zack:"Las Mujeres Desnudas Ríen Espectacular!"

Dr. Thorpe:"Serpientes en un Aeroplano"

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