Zack: It's probably hard to use two scoped revolvers at the same time.

Steve: Is that a robot behind her?

Zack: It looks like a sports car, staple of the cheescake calendar.

Steve: She barely even comes up to the hood of that car. She must be like a foot tall.

Zack: Babies killing babies.

Steve: Yeah, she is a babe for sure. I would still probably do her if she was only a foot tall.

Zack: That's so small. That's like the size of a loaf of bread.

Steve: Did you ever see that Nickelodeon TV show The Littles?

Zack: That cartoon where the little tiny people lived in a matchbox?

Steve: Yeah, they were like elves or something. There was this fine as hell redhead in that show and I would totally do her. She was like the size of a GI Joe figure.

Zack: Man, imagine doing both of them at once! It would be like rolling around on a pile of Beanie Babies while you're on ecstasy.

Steve: Yeah, it would be pretty amazing. You'd have to be really carefuly though.

Zack: Because they're guns akimbo with the scoped revolvers?

Steve: No, because they're so small. My aunt's sister had a teacup chihuahua and it was asleep on the couch and she sat on it and it died. She wasn't even that fat.

Zack: That's tragic.

Steve: I guess, that dog sucked though. It chewed up my copy of Heroes Unlimited at a family reunion.

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