Steve: This is a really adult picture.

Zack: We all have a butt, Steve.

Steve: I saw this show on The Discovery Channel about medical mysteries and there was a guy on there who didn't have a butt.

Zack: He was born without a butt?

Steve: I don't know, I missed the beginning part of the show. I think he might have gotten his butt eaten off by some disease from bad ice cream.

Zack: That'll certainly teach him not to put his butt in ice cream.

Steve: No, he ate the ice cream and it had germs in it that made his butt come off, but now that I think about it I think the show had two parts and the ice cream one was some family that got sick. The butt one I must have just missed what caused it.

Zack: So did he die from standing for too long?

Steve: He could sit down, they had this little cushion for him that he carried with him and he had to have a pipe put in for going to the bathroom.

Zack: So your point is that this one guy who had a butt that fell off might get offended by seeing some of this girl's butt?

Steve: Yeah, only his butt didn't fall off, it just disappeared gradually. Like it eroded from disease.

Zack: I thought you'd like this picture because of the butt.

Steve: I like it a lot! This babe and her butt are hot as heck! I was just surprised how adult it was.

Zack: Very adult.

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