Zack:Oh no! Oh God, they've found us! They're following our pheromone trail. When hell has no more room the tan will walk the earth.

Dr. Thorpe:The walls have been breached, we're overrun! The sickening smell of iodine and Pez stings our nostrils!

Zack:A seething river of fangs and peace-signs, propelled by a singular inhuman lust for more tanning lotion.

Dr. Thorpe:Jesus, second from the right, second row from the bottom: She looks like an Ewok!

Zack:Wicket is hanging with a bad crowd. There are a few almost normal people mixed in there though. They are just beginning their metamorphosis.

Dr. Thorpe:Yeah, like the girl in the bottom corner. Her hair is bleached, but she's still pre-op. They haven't soaked her in chemicals like the guy in "Black Like Me" yet.

Zack:I imagine this pack moving down a street bustling with life and activity and in their wake it's just tampon wrappers, energy-drink cans, and sorrow.

Dr. Thorpe:And that horrible orange slime-trail. It will look like somebody poured salt all over a massive slug made out of burnt umber Crayolas.

Zack:The real horror is that there are obviously many more of them than those pictured. Their population was vastly underestimated by Imperial census. The ganguro are a power to be reckoned with. Bronzer power.

Dr. Thorpe:They're sort of like the opposite of goths. Dark makeup, white circles around the eyes, bleached hair, bright clothes. And somehow they're much, much scarier. Goths could learn a thing or two about true evil from these cats. In order to taste true darkness, you must trade in Bauhaus for The Vengaboys.

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