Zack: Slick had a wildly different meaning back then.

Lowtax: You've got to wonder why the vector art clothing style never caught on. "It's like you're wearing a graphing calculator!"

Zack: One looks like vector art, the other ones look like some new age sand painting bullshit you can buy from some crazy woman in Tucson who is 1/16 Pueblo Indian and does pictures of coyotes that look like Chihuahuas.

Lowtax: There's an airbrushed wolf howling in front of a mountain on the back. There is also a cryptic message describing an event which only makes sense to the three people who attended the event where they purchased the shirt.

Zack: Probably Burning Man. I'm willing to blame pretty much all shit like this on Burning Man.

Lowtax: The Slick Look Shirt model appears to be a Cenobite trying to disguise himself as a human, perhaps to land an important job on Wall Street, working as a sales rep for Texas Instruments.

Zack: Yeah, I bet his whole head splits in half and his mouth is like a worm that comes out and vomits acid on people. You shouldn't have fucked with that box Tandy Computing.

Lowtax: I can imagine a worm coming out, but after looking at the height of his waistline, I'd imagine it wouldn't be from his mouth.

Zack: Wherever it comes from, I bet he flips up that awesome giant collar right before it emerges so he looks like a totally evil warlock.

Lowtax: Hell is crammed full of Slick-look shirts. Pinhead is a big advocate of the airbrushed wolf / full moon motif. These are the only shirts that would actually look better if those floating numbers on the ad were physically printed on them.

Zack: That guy with the teeth that chatter all the time absolutely loves dragon shirts. "CLACK CLACK CLACK IT'S A CLACK CLACK RED CLACK CLACK DRAGON."



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