Zack: I bet this one was set up right next to SKITTELS AMOUNT.

Dr. Thorpe: Yeah, my dad just happens to be an organic chemist, SO WHAT? Are you gonna fail me just because of who my dad is? That's RACISM.

Zack: Drosophilia Melanogaster proteins are probably "Coke" and Pollphenol Oxidase from Malus Pumila are "filthy pennies."

Dr. Thorpe: Nah, Drosophilia Melanogaster proteins are "vinegar" and Polyphenol Oxidase is "baking soda" and a malus pumila is a "papier-mache volcano."

Zack: Next year the person behind this one is totally teaming up with Reggie for "Ideal Pancreas III: We Literally Made a Pancreas."

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