~*~ Goons With Spoons ~*~
Reppin': Mr. Wiggles

Just how hot is the broiler at Peter Luger?
- This place does everything wrong and it's full of jerks so don't worry about their broiler.

PYF: Frozen Food / Foodstuffs
- Shame and failure.

Cold weather is upon us. Gentlemen, let's have a glass of port.
- The Bishop of Norwich is an awfully nice fellow, but he never remembers to pass the port.

Let's celebrate with some CAKE.
- You know what I like the most?

~*~ Automotive Insanity ~*~
Reppin': RealKyleH

Speed without Class - poisoned pie's classless 1985 Toyota Corolla has had some work done.

PYF: Gauge Clusters - full of gaugey goodness and the always hilarious comedy option.

post hot car chicks and the most AIest images you got - Oh whats this? I've posted this for three weeks now? Maybe cause it's an awesome thread. Let's see this week someone gets told to go back to GBS, and some pictures get posted. Sweet.

1963 LeMans Tempest Super Duty - $500 Opening on eBay, $226,521 Closing Bid

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