mistaya posted:

On the risk of posting something beyond the "OMGZ ADDICTION", I can share my experiences. My boyfriend and I, (yes he bought me this custom avatar... He also dared me to post this,) have been high level raiders together for two games now, starting where we met in final fantasy 11. There is a balance you can maintain between real life and the raiding game, even in a bleeding edge guild. What you need to do is set boundaries, and make sure you keep them. I generally raid 4-5 days a week, but I always have at least an hour of "us" time, every day, before he goes to work. We've been together for a little over 3 years now, and there's been times where the game did get too controlling. When that happened, we dropped it for an entire summer and only picked it back up when we felt secure and wanted to enjoy our hobby again.

The comparisions I see here are not accurate. The endgame wow raid game is not an irc channel, its not strangers, it is not building model ships. It is a sports team. There is a certain level of commitment that needs to be made to compete at high level sports, and the same is true of raiding wow. No one thinks a football player who practices every day is "addicted" to football. When I log in to my raid team, people I've known for several months and spent hours with... That isn't a crack addiction. When we dropped Karathress yesterday, world top twenty, that was an accomplishment. When we beat a rival guild to a boss kill 2 days before, the first time anyone had beat them to a server first kill in over a year, that was winning a Bowl game. You cannot compare it to stamp collecting or another solo hobby. Wow raiding is a team sport.
Thuggergotchi posted:
This isn't just another "I had sex, lol" thread. It's a tale of how I gradually worked my way up the ladder, to finally losing my virginity at the age of nearly 30. Sure that seems a little late to some of you, or pathetic. But better late than never, right?

I suppose I've always been a shy person, never really had alot of confidence approaching good looking women, or semi-good looking women for that matter. I've only had tounge wrestling sessions with a few female friends starting at the age of 24, only to have them move away before they could do anything else to me. Finally at age 26, I had my first blowjob from a myspace hambeast, a bit too nervous to ejaculate from that. I don't think I really wanted to "hit it" because losing my virginity to something like that was well, not too thrilling even though she had a mega cute face.

So finally, I decided I had had enough with being a virgin and not knowing what it's like to have sex. I posted an ad on craigslist, didn't expect any replies. So finally after a week, I get an e-mail and this 37 year old woman is willing to help me out! We exchanged e-mails back and forth for about 2 weeks, I was skeptical that it might turn out to be a man. But sure enough, she calls me just yesterday after she gets off work, and picks me up in her blue bug. We head to her apartment, and proceed to the love making after 10 minutes and removing all our clothes. She has a pretty nice body for being almost 40, I must say. A few wrinkles here and there but nothing too bad.

We had intercourse in 3 different positions, however after 90 minutes of love making, and a 15 minute break in between, I couldn't ejaculate. I couldn't believe it! I guess I was too nervous or something most likley. So there it is, a virgin screwing for his first time, didn't ejacualte after a marathon of sex. However I did manage to get her off 3 times, her thighs were quivering at the end to prove it. So I say to all goons who haven't had intercourse yet and you're in your mid 20's, there is hope for you! Thank you for reading.
Systems_Id posted:
I'd wager it doesn't matter in the long run. Falling in love or not with a person ultimately does not affect your ability to have a long and prosperous life unless you let it. Granted I've never fallen in love or had any type of relationship but it seems like falling in love is like watching television in HD. Sure the picture looks a lot nicer but ultimately you're watching the same show.

But like I said I've never been in love so what do I know.
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