Throughout the entire conversation, this guy kept asking me if I was real or an ICQ "bot" (some of these have been edited out for brevity). I didn't know how stupid this guy was at first, so I didn't start acting odd until a few exchanges into the conversation... and then it all went downhill from there.

-={[ÎÑF訄 - Hey do u like QWAKE 2?

-={[ÎÑF訄 - didnt u talk to a guy yesterday

Lowtax - Oh yeah, that guy.

-={[ÎÑF訄 - hehehe what happened

Lowtax - Uh, he fell over.

-={[ÎÑF訄 - So what music do u like?

-={[ÎÑF訄 -M Dont u like Chemical Brothers and trance music?

Lowtax - Hell no

-={[ÎÑF訄 - Are you a bot or are you a real person typing please tell me cause u act so strange!?!?!

Lowtax - Yes,

-={[ÎÑF訄 - Do you have a girlfriend?

Lowtax - No, just hot gay sex manfriends.

-={[ÎÑF訄 - send me a pic of urslef

Lowtax - I'll draw one for you


| U O |

| ^ /

| (- ) |

-={[ÎÑF訄 - have u seen the movie the matrix whos the main character?

Lowtax - Benny Hill

-={[ÎÑF訄 - Whats his name again the main guy in matrix?

Lowtax - Charles Bronson

-={[ÎÑF訄 - Are you a ICQ bot

Lowtax - Hello welcome to ICQ

-={[ÎÑF訄 - Have you seen star Wars?

Lowtax - Hello welcome to ICQ

-={[ÎÑF訄 - C:format

-={[ÎÑF訄 - What VEEDEO card do you have?

-={[ÎÑF訄 - FUck you bastard

More Pranks [ICQ]

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