~^~NIN - Sharp teeth, piercing flesh sweet blood flowing, lifeless eyes glowing bright blood red dark and sweet tonight taste kills your mind twists your senses intoxicating, addicting, my life, from your soul. Now you're mine, in my control.

Lowtax - hello, welcome to ICQ

~^~NIN - hello welcome to my dark world

Lowtax - Jesas will sweep down and save you, if you open up your heart and your head!

~^~NIN - my heart is black my soul is lost

Lowtax - Jeezus will bring white shiny love into your heart! Learn to love him!

~^~NIN - Insanity White walls sinking in a black box in my hands pills of serenity flowing in me blinding white lights they want to control me they want my black box they want to know my secrets but I will not let them, take my black box away they will never know my secrets, my desires, inside my black box

Lowtax - Do you know what you need? Jesues!

~^~NIN - have you seen Stigmata?

Lowtax - I have seen a Stigmata once, at the Church of Our Blessed Saviour Lord Saint Pope Ann Bishop Cardinal the Holy.

~^~NIN - Dead and Empty The blade cuts the skin softly sinking in blood trickles from the deep I gave you my soul, for a life I could never have you took that all away, the moment your lips touched my soul Your razor heart took mine away slashing it sucking it to the core of my mortality You watched it die in your arms Am I nothing to you anymore Won't you come back to me now I am dead and empty


~^~NIN - Hiding in the darkness of my mind Hiding in the darkness of my mind, scared wanting it to all go away forever No one here to help take it all away Lost in the shadows of depression wishing wishing I could just disappear forever Needing to be left alone scared of what will happen, if I step into the light.

Lowtax - Jeuises will save me in His Flying Rocketship! You may come along, his Holy Handshake will secure the deal!

~^~NIN - EVIL T'is You T'is you, T'is you who I want T'is you who will come to me You won't say a thing If you do, be ready I'm sly Sly as a fox So don't be taken By my looks I'm evil As evil as night And I'm in hunger For a bite

Lowtax - T's! I pity da fool who don't like Jeasus!

~^~NIN - i do believe. but we all can believe in whatever we believe in. We do not all have to believe in the same things.

Lowtax - We must believe in the same things, our or thought-line-hemisphere will not align and we will not become glorious in the glory light of Jeisas, The Ultimate Prayer of Truth!

~^~NIN - we do not all need to believe in the same things. We do not need to have a religion. Some people are athiest. (however you spell it)

~^~NIN - we all do not need to believe in Jesus.

Lowtax - The people who are thrust into the Fiery Pits of Tarzania! Jesus sweeps down in the Euro-Vac and scoops us up from sin, delivering us to the Godheld Province of Mecchatokyo!

~^~NIN - ok

~^~NIN - if you say so


~^~NIN - ok, if yuo say so


~^~NIN - ok, if you say so

Lowtax - I will leave you with one final thought: "Why do you think they call it 'dope'?"

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@lowtax)

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