Losing Weight with Tom "Moof" Davies

Livestock: tom - gotta lose weight :(
Livestock: need to quit soda again
Moof: josh
Moof: i will support you
Moof: throughout
Livestock: thanks tom
Livestock: might take up horseback riding to lose weight
Moof: josh, might take up cattle rustling myself
Livestock: tom, you're all hat and no cattle --hillary clinton
Moof: :)
Livestock: tom that wasn't a compliment
Moof: josh i consider it a compliment
Livestock: you say that standing in your empty range with your assorted hats
Livestock: looking like a fool
Moof: josh at least i can find happiness
Livestock: that was below the belt
Moof: josh it is true
Moof: can you find it in your cows
Moof: with the sun beating down on your bald head
Livestock: i will have my cows trample on your hats
Livestock: all of them
Livestock: all your favorite hats
Livestock: stomped into the mud
Livestock: what will you do then tom
Moof: :O
Moof: i dont know
Moof: probably burn your cows
Livestock: tom then we will feast on steak
Moof: yes
Moof: yes we will :)(

Ol Moon in the Sky with Tom "Moof" Davies

Moof: happen to catch a glimpse of ol moon in the sky?
Livestock: sure was big
Moof: haha, it sure was!!
Livestock: mighty visible during the day today
Livestock: like it had something to get off its chest
Moof: wouldn't suprise me
Livestock: know something i don't???
Moof: nothing i am comfortable talking about no
Livestock: you won't get away with this
Moof: i already have...
Livestock: what are you and the moon plotting
Moof: josh
Moof: do you really think ol' moon in the sky has evil in its heart
Livestock: i don't know that it has a heart
Moof: oh josh
Livestock: don't belittle me tom
Moof: oh you
Livestock: seems like hamsters have all the fun with their little tubes and what not
Livestock: and their wheels
Moof: yeah
Moof: I am a little upset by that myself
Livestock: i wonder what can be done
Moof: I dont suppose anything can be done

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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