The Birth of the White Buffalo with Tom "Moof" Davies

Livestock: do you recall the birth of the white buffalo and what it meant to our people
Moof: i recall that day the birds sat silent in the trees, and the streams were hushed in respect
Livestock: the trees too stood a little taller
Livestock: as if trying to look over one another to get a better view
Moof: i remember that was the day the chief died
Moof: as if his work was complete
Moof: i remember that day we feasted on buffalo hot dogs
Moof: and we punched their stupid faces
Moof: and then we went to the mall to get panda express
Livestock: we put saddles on their backs
Livestock: and rode them around the carnival
Moof: they never understood that this world could be beautiful
Moof: they never saw a glimpse
Moof: all they knew was what we made for them
Moof: and we made them dance for us
Livestock: tom you crossed a line
Livestock: in the sand
Moof: the tide will wash the line away by daybreak
Moof: it is no more permanent than you or i
Moof: for the tide will wash us away in time
Moof: because we are sandcastles
Moof: literally
Moof: we are
Moof: i am not even joking
Livestock: roads are just sand made into rock
Moof: roads are an illusion
Moof: no one goes anywhere
Livestock: moof sometimes i wonder if we're all just dead and too stupid to realize it
Livestock: we're not sandcastles, we're buried underneath them
Moof: i dont think we are
Moof: because we defined what life is JB
Moof: and it is this
Livestock: but definitions are just lines made of words... and lines wash away
Moof: everything dies
Livestock: if it hasn't died already
Moof: except oak trees :)
Moof: want to get together some time and eat cookie dough and watch a walk to remember???????
Livestock: tom i am two steps ahead of you

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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