Carrying the Fire with Tom "Moof" Davies

Livestock: okay tom i'm going to let you go buddy
Livestock: think i might go to bed
Moof: ok josh
Moof: listen
Moof: good luck
Livestock: take care of yourself keep yourself strong
Livestock: don't back down from bullies
Livestock: because that's what they expect
Moof: ok j
Livestock: look people in the eye when you shake their hand
Livestock: always with a firm grip
Moof: i will
Livestock: when someone challenges you
Livestock: don't back down
Livestock: but don't be stupid either
Moof: ok i wont
Livestock: when it rains use an umbrella
Moof: i might
Livestock: if there is a girl nearby without one
Livestock: offer her shelter
Livestock: under yours
Moof: but i like standing in the rain
Livestock: when you see a bear make loud noises and wave your arms and try to appear bigger
Moof: i will do that yes
Livestock: if your car breaks down get a jumpstart
Moof: what if i get a flat
Livestock: if you get a flat change the tire
Livestock: look i think i've taught you everything i know
Livestock: from here on out it's up to you
Moof: no
Moof: dont leave me
Livestock: i'm sorry tom
Moof: i am not ready
Livestock: it's up to you now
Livestock: to carry the fire
Livestock: you can do it tom
Moof: oh ok
Moof: np then
Livestock: you can do it
Moof: i will
Moof: honestly
Moof: you were more of a burden to me than anything
Livestock: i hope you die and i hope you choke on that stupid fire

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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