Hydrogen: I wish she had gone into "Kombat mode" instead, then she could have yelled "GET OVER HERE" and torn his still-beating heart out with her bare hands.

Hydrogen: At least this is a short break from the unending boredom of the other 600 hours of desert-hiking footage.

Trillaphon: Did you know this movie was actually adapted from the wildly popular TV version?

Hydrogen: There's a TV show?

Trillaphon: Well, I dunno if you could call it a show, exactly; it's more like the Iranian equivalent of that 24/7 yuletide log channel. "Moods of the Desert - Ambient Sandscapes for Every Occasion."

Hydrogen: I dunno, that sounds more like a Kenny G album title to me.

Trillaphon: If only Kenny G were a smelly goat-herding nomad instead, just think how much better the world would be.

Hydrogen: You're just trying to get a death-sentence fatwa put on you at this point, aren't you?

Trillaphon: Maybe.

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