Most popular and first of long 100 year tradition of APURU FOORU on TVTOKYO 25. What does Japan love for TV? It is American program Senfeld about being nothingness. There is no story, only action and reaction. The forces of nature acting in harmony. Using green screen and a 20-inch model of great foe RODAN we create new version implanting Rodan in place of JERRY, Minya in place of GEOROGO, and Elaine is Hedorah which is known as smog monster.

There is no plot life has no plot except Kramer must learn wojan technique to defeat Rodan and save Minya from Yog crystal formation. He must collect KENNY ROGER ROASTER with help of New Man to gain power and strength. It is a quest...

Never completed! Ha ha ha! 250 episodes we run out of time. Watch online at wwwwww.ww ah ha ha! Got you again!


– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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