You like to think you're "hip" and "with it" and "not a dorkus," but can you tell an indie band from a Dungeons & Dragons monster? We don't believe you, so we have set up a quiz to test your pop culture knowledge.

Every item on the quiz is either the name of an indie band or a monster from Dungeons & Dragons. Click the answer beneath each name to get the truth. None included are both. To keep you guessing, the word "The" has been eliminated from band names and the monsters have been randomly made plural. Good luck. Dorkus.

1. Aberfeldy
2. Avi Buffalo
3. Peryton
4. Wax Stag
5. Ultra Dolphins
6. Blink Dog
7. Owlbear
8. Gold Panda
9. Guulvorg
10. Purple Worms
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